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Revere Shoes

Custom Sandal Orthoses


Performance has partnered with Revere to offer a custom orthoses that fits into the recessed shoe lining of every Revere sandal.

We’ve built a library of every style and size of Revere insoles so there’s no need for physicians to send the sandal to the laboratory to be fitted.

For a direct custom replacement orthoses, physicians are required to prescribe the Performance EVA Mold with three densities to choose from based on patient pathology. You can see the EVA Mold here.

Physicians complete a Performance Rx form, specify the style of Revere sandal and sandal size accompanied by a neutral position negative impression or scan image of the patients’ feet. You can download the RX form here.

Performance will custom fit the device to that particular sandal style using our complete library of Revere insoles for a perfect fit every time.

You can see the complete line of Revere sandals here.