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About the Lab Director

mike bozzaotraMichael started Performance Laboratories in a three-car garage with no heat or running water back in 1984.

A sculptor and designer by training, Michael’s artisanship is evident in each of the tens of thousands of orthotics Performance fabricates per year, right down to the products’ appearance. He has blended cutting-edge technology with the principles of evidence-based medicine to ensure optimal patient outcomes.  

Michael’s biomechanical expertise has earned him a place on the faculty of Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, where he guides second- and third-year graduate students through mechanical orthopedics, the art and science of prescribing and fabricating custom-made devices to neutralize the compromised foot.

His inventions include the machines that Performance craftspeople use on a daily basis as well as an array of orthotic designs that have benefitted countless patients. Michael's designs are utilized and trusted by hundreds of podiatrists around the country. 

An efficiency expert, Michael’s management style produces high quality devices at competitive prices, helping physicians achieve better patient outcomes.

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