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Form Flex - Corrective green leaf

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Use: Geriatric, osteoarthritic patients who require a moderate degree of con­trol

Biomechanical solution Modify this device for your patients specific pathology

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  • Semi-Flexible shell with Active Flex™ bio-etching
  • Medium density EVA rearfoot post
  • Forefoot Post: Intrinsic Varus, Extrinsic Valgus
  • Soft shock absorbing Rebound STS under protective post plate
  • Rebound STS over shell to toes
  • Vinyl cover

green leafShell constructed of 100% recyclable materials

Please note: Colors may vary depending on factors such as patient weight, shoe size, activity level, footwear choice, etc.

It is our goal to match the best materials to optimize patient outcomes and performance.