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Lab Director Michael Bozzaotra launched his teaching career in biomechanics in 2016, partnering with Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Biomechanics then-Chair Steven Pettineo, DPT, OCS to create a hands-on class instructing third-year, graduate-level podiatry students in the best practices for diagnosing, designing and dispensing foot orthotics. The two-week lecture-and-lab instruction module culminates in students designing their own orthotics by applying principles learned in class, using their individual biomechanical examination results and working directly with Michael.

Michael and Performance Laboratories donate the lecture time, lab time and all student orthotic devices to TUSPM, in their shared goals to advance podiatric medical education and ensure that biomechanics remains an integral part of podiatry. We are grateful to TUSPM for opening their doors and working with us every step of the way. We encourage all alumni to donate to TUSPM regularly to ensure it remains a best resource for sculpting the future of podiatry. 


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